Saturday, November 20, 2010

Las Vegas-Worst City for Unemployment

Unemployment in Las Vegas is at 15%, almost six points above the national average. There are now nine unemployed individuals for every advertised job in Sin City, making it the nation's hardest place to find a job. Sunbelt cities like Las Vegas dominate the list of the most difficult metro areas for finding a job.

This is why I am baffled about the response WeSaveUMore is receiving concerning it's participation in a Grant competition. WeSaveUMore can win a $250,000 grant to build their business, and use it specifically to hire 15 unemployed individuals in Las Vegas. All that is required is for individuals, especially Las Vegas residents to allocate 1 minute per day to vote for the project at

It makes sense, except noone cares. Unless someone does something about it, how is Las Vegas going to ever recover and lower the unemployment level. Short of Las Vegans leaving the city and moving to other areas.

It is mindboggling and frustrating as I speak with government and non-government organizations, who all have told me to my face that they applaud the concept. However, when it has come time to help spread the word and vote for the project, where did they go?????

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