Saturday, November 20, 2010

Las Vegas-Worst City for Unemployment

Unemployment in Las Vegas is at 15%, almost six points above the national average. There are now nine unemployed individuals for every advertised job in Sin City, making it the nation's hardest place to find a job. Sunbelt cities like Las Vegas dominate the list of the most difficult metro areas for finding a job.

This is why I am baffled about the response WeSaveUMore is receiving concerning it's participation in a Grant competition. WeSaveUMore can win a $250,000 grant to build their business, and use it specifically to hire 15 unemployed individuals in Las Vegas. All that is required is for individuals, especially Las Vegas residents to allocate 1 minute per day to vote for the project at

It makes sense, except noone cares. Unless someone does something about it, how is Las Vegas going to ever recover and lower the unemployment level. Short of Las Vegans leaving the city and moving to other areas.

It is mindboggling and frustrating as I speak with government and non-government organizations, who all have told me to my face that they applaud the concept. However, when it has come time to help spread the word and vote for the project, where did they go?????

Friday, November 19, 2010

Pepsi Refresh Everything Grant

We need votes to win $250,000 before the end of November. Please vote at or text 104186 to Pepsi (73774).

Bewildered About Las Vegas and Concern for Unemployment

We are up for a $250,000 grant from Pepsi-Refresh Everything contest. Our project is awesome, "To Reduce Las Vegas Jobless by creating a company to hire unemployed".

The concept makes sense: a startup business can bring $250,000 in revenue to a FAILING Las Vegas economy that leads the nation in unemployment at 15%. We will initially start by creating 15 jobs, and hiring 15 employees off the unemployment line, thereby restoring the employees confidence and sense of pride.

All that is needed is the business and government community to stand behind it, and for the residents of Las Vegas to also support it. It theoretically takes 1 minute per day to vote. Calculations show that if 40,000 residents voted daily, we would bring the $250,000 into Las Vegas' economy. Voting can be done at or after registering at the website, texting 104186 tp Pepsi (73774).

I have met with many government and non-government organizations, pillar community members and they all say it is a great idea. Well, I am still waiting for the support.

Now I need to take matters into my own hands. This is too important an issue to let go of, and I am confident that if Las Vegans and the Nation hears about this project, we will receive the votes.

More to come..........................................

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Help Refresh Las Vegas Economy with 15 Jobs Through PEPSI!

Well, we did it! Our entry into the Pepsi Refresh Everything Project has now been accepted and is getting its' legs under it. For all of those who have been reading our blog, thank you! Now go look for us under the $250,000 category of Neighborhoods and vote for our project.

Today is the 7th of November and we really need your help more than ever!

Making Las Vegas a better place to live and restoring dignity to those who have been unemployed for more than three months, through the creation of 15 jobs in the area is our number one goal of this project. Find us at: or go an vote for our project daily at -or you can also vote by sending your Text 104186 to 73774 (Pepsi).

We appreciate you more than you know, but let's show the country that each of us believe in small business making the difference in turning around the economy. Vote!