Monday, June 7, 2010


It's been a hectic weekend. Scrambling to make massive changes to the website. Verifying that it flows and links properly. It is all just starting to come together quite nicely.

Started the process of signing up merchant members. Our plan is to fill the merchant calendar with 2-3 weeks worth of merchants by the time we launch. ETA launch date is @ June 21'ish. We are striving to provide our customer members with awesome deals and incredible bargains every day.

Members have been signing up at a fairly rapid pace. Help us to grow the customer member base by referring friends, so they can take advantage of the deals and bargains also. Don't forget, we posted the details of the WeSUM Rewards Program on the website. The points you build up can reward you an additional 10% off a deal's already discounted price, so start saving up points by referring your friends.

We began receiving job apps over the weekend. Will be reviewing them as they come in. Can't believe how many individuals are unemployed. Help us do something about it.

God bless and peace to all!

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  1. I am excited for you guys. I applaud your initiative and wish you all the success to get this endeavor off the ground. We all know there are lots of unemployed people to select from. I have sent your website link,, to all of my contacts so hopefully they are signig up.