Saturday, May 29, 2010

Get Ready to Change Your Neighborhood! Las Vegas

Imagining a Better Neighborhood, the emphasis behind WeSaveUMore stems from the need to empower 15 unemployed people in the Las Vegas area, ultimately replicating to other hub cities. We believe that "working" empowers sustainable value shifts of the paradigm: we do this to help others provide for their families.

Members of WeSaveUMore can take advantage of daily sales events featuring neighborhood merchants and establishments where they can eat, shop or play at discounts up to 80%. Neighborhood merchants gain our members as new customers.

The benefits are shared by all: the merchants, members of our social community, visitors to Las Vegas & most importantly; the people of this community who can once again hope for a brighter tomorrow: as they wait for the local economy to rebound!

While price shopping, coupon clipping and bargain seeking to stretch the dollar is an idea whose time has come, this trend is the catalyst behind

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  1. Hey, I heard about this through my buddy in Sacramento. I didn't think he was telling the truth, but it looks like you guys are really on your way.

    My hats off to you for at least trying to effect the necessary change in Las Vegas and my hope is for your success!

    Great start - keep up the good work!
    Coach K